October – spotted scorched leaf, 41x30cm, [Cocky Apple – Planchonia careya ], oil on linen

Planchonia careya
Common name: Cocky Apple. Family: Lecythidaceae. Straggly small tree 4-10 metres high. Large fleshy pink and white flowers with numerous stamens, 5-6 cm long. Fleshy edible fruit to 9cmx3.5cm, pale greenish when ripe. Corky, fissured bark. Juvenile leaves are substantially different from mature leaves. Common understorey tree in open forest and woodland. An Aboriginal ‘calendar plant’. Bark, leaves, roots and stems have medicinal uses. Root bark used to make string for ceremonial belts and string bags. Bark, leaves and branches used as a fish poison. Occurs across the north of Australia, also Papua New Guinea.

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